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Our upholstery shop

Upholstery shop Residentie Interieur is located on the Stevinstraat 182a in the Belgisch Park shopping area The Hague-Scheveningen. In our upholstery shop we do everything from upholstering to all kind off repairs. We are specialized in both classic and modern upholstery. We also sell Vintage/design classics, and a variety of window coverings.

We reupholster , repair and restore both modern and antique furniture and working for individuals, corporations and museums . Whether it is a chair that has a very long life behind him , an antique chair or a sleek styled three-seater , with upholstery shop Residentie Interieur  you have come to the right place.

We have a wide selection of upholstery fabrics in both classic, modern, contemporary style and materials such as: Empire, Biedermeier, Art Deco, Louis XVI, etc. For the measurement of your furniture, we can come to your home without obligation, and bring a small selection of upholstery fabrics with us so you can see them in your own home.

Of course you are also welcome in our shop for an informational visit.

Your upholsterer shop for The Hague and surroundings, from Classic to Antique and from Modern to Design!


A classic piece of furniture in a new fabric

In classical furniture upholstering you can think of an old armchair of your grandparents or an antique armchair or sofa . The basis of this furniture is a very solid beech trunk that is manufactured by hand completely. With different materials such as webbing, horsehair, coil springs, jute etc. we bring a chair back to life again. The classic furniture upholstery is conventional and very labor intensive job.

After removing the old fabric we can see if the inside is still ok and the connections steady. If the connections are weak, and the coil springs are worn, we glue the connections and replace the coil springs with new ones and tie them together.

Is your chair or sofa in poor condition, see the contact page from upholstery shop Residentie Interieur make a appointmentand and we bring your old chair back to life again in the traditional way and each time the result is surprising. Whether opting for a traditional fabric from the collection of GP&J Baker or a fabric with a modern look from Carlucci, the furniture looks like new and can last for years again.

Klassieke Stoel meubelstoffeerderij


From Modern to Design

Modern upholstery is more appropriate for most post-Second World War chairs and post-1950s furniture. It usually uses synthetic foam as a stuffing, staples for fixing, and a vast range of components, including rubber foam, rubberised hair and elastic webbing.

Reupholstering modern chairs is not always straightforward, since they were usually mass-produced using moulds for the foam fillings whereas we need to cut and shape them individually. Modern techniques are equally as good as traditional ones when attaining a high standard of durability.

As with traditional upholstery, we offer different services, from a re-cover to complete re-upholstery.

Moderne stoel meubelstoffeerderij